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ROOF RACKS: for 2 and 4 wheel drive

roofrack-for-tireProvides a sturdy and practical way to transport bulky items like multiple kayaks, ladders etc. With optional full floor it is an elevated platform to watch the races or camp up away from critters. We have standard roof racks but since all racks we offer are built in the USA they can be designed to fit customers specific requirements often at no additional cost or time required. Single or double loop, no floor (crossbars at 24 inch centers standard), partial floor or full floor, lengths from 4 to 17 foot, side, front and rear lights, aluminum or thin wall steel tube construction,  powder coated finish with stainless hardware. If your Sprinter does not have the tracks to attach a roof rack we have those parts also and the stainless attaching hardware.

Description:   Rack is installed on a 4×4 2500 with 144 inch wheelbase. Double loop, crossbars on 24 inch centers, 5’3” wide by 12’6” long with lashing strap eyes on top loop. Price as shown, $2,600 installed.

LADDERS and STEPS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive

ladder-closeupProvides easy access to roof rack to load luggage, kayaks etc. Clamps to the lower loop of the roof rack and bolts to lower pinch weld behind rear wheel well on driver or passenger side of vehicle. The ladder can later be removed without leaving any marks or holes on the body of vehicle. Thin wall steel tube construction with powder coat finish and stainless hardware.

FRONT DOOR STEPS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive Makes getting in and out of your Sprinter easier. They lower the step up be 9 inches. Economical sturdy aluminum with powder coat finish and steel hardware. Steps doorstepcan be removed from vehicle later if desired without leaving any visible holes in the body. The steps are rated at 300 lbs. but if you hit a stump or rock hard enough the step will break. I would rather have the step break off than have the side of the Sprinter destroyed.

Description:  Step installed on a 4×4 2500. Price as shown, $220 installed per pair.

SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION / NERF BARS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive

Makes getting in and out of your Sprinter easier while providing side impact protection to both sides of the vehicle. They lower the step up by 9 inches. Full length wheel well to wheel well with non-slip full length step. Constructed of 2.5 inch steel tube with powder coat finish and attached with stainless hardware. They are so strong you can jump on them, they don’t move. If your Sprinter has an air compressor we can turn the nerf bars into air tanks.


Nerf bars are installed on a 4×4 2500 with 144 inch wheelbase. Price as shown, $2,100 installed per pair.

SOFTER REAR SPRINGS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive

Makes the ride in a lightly loaded Sprinter more comfortable. We can upgrade the stiff single or double leaf rear springs with softer riding multi leaf springs. Our rear leaf springs have more but thinner leafs to provide the same load capacity with greater flexibility and ability to absorb pot holes and washboard roads. For 2500 144, 170 and 170 inch wheelbase extended vehicles. Includes new Tri-8 u-bolts.

Price from $1,400 installed per pair

DRIVING LIGHTS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive

Increase visibility for on or off road driving. Available while retaining the stock front bumper, aftermarket front bumpers or can be mounted on roof racks. Price can vary wildly because there are so many light choices. My personal favorites are ProComp or Lightforce brands at around $400 per pair installed.  We wire all lights directly to the vehicle battery and install relays in the engine compartment. We never interface with Sprinter wiring harness for safety.

driving Lights


Description:  Front bumper lights are installed on a 4×4 2500 with Whitefeather mount, they are ProComp brand lights, Upper lights are mounted on front of an Aluminess roof rack, they are Lightforce brand lights.

FRONT RECEIVER, for 4×4 Sprinter with stock front bumper

This provides a solid anchor point to attach a plug in cradle winch or to tow with or from. It attaches directly to the Whitefeather 4×4 front sub frame so It does not pull from the Sprinter’s body. Constructed of HD steel box tubing with powder coat finish and bolted on with grade 8 hardware.



ALUMINUM FRONT BUMPERS and GUARDS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive.

Custom-guardProvides superior protection to the front of your Sprinter while giving it a distinctive look. Available with or without grille/headlight guards and front receiver. Bumpers pictured have provision for an electric winch, if you do want a winch I suggest the Warn XD9000i. Bumpers come with provision for a pair of 6 inch round lights, additional lights can be added to top deck of bumper and grille guard bar if requested.


Description: Bumpers are pictured on 2008 and up Sprinters. These bumpers are manufactured Inhouse here in Red Bluff California! They’re of welded aluminum with black powder coat finish. Because the front bumper weight is a factor on a Sprinter and a heavy weight steel bumper can adversely effect the Sprinter stability computer our custom aftermarket bumper is the only one we offer. Our Custom Inhouse Bumpers are the best quality available.

ALUMINUM REAR BUMPER, for 2 and 4 wheel drive.

Provides superior protection to the rear of your Sprinter and includes rectangular light ports and center storage or optional winch mount.


Description: Bumper is pictured on a 2009 4×4 2500, shown with optional equipment. Both the front and rear bumpers are built in Red Bluff California, are welded and powder coated.

COLOR COATED WHEELS, for 2 and 4 wheel drive.

If you want wheels other than our standard polished finish aluminum we can have your wheels media blasted and painted or powder coated to your specific requirements.

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