White Feather takes pride in our quality. From the top quality North American made parts to the powder coated stairs, steps and cargo racks our 4x4 conversions are built to last and last.  All of our conversions are certified US DOT legal for highway use and are backed with our 3 year 36,000 mile limited warranty.

Each conversion comes with front Dana 60 axles, Dana Spicer drivelines, NV271 transfer case, Fox Racing Shocks, Timkin bearings, Energy Suspension, Roadmaster sway bars, Moog tierods and drag links and Redhead Steering gears.  With this robust 4x4 system your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter® • Freightliner Sprinter®, RV or van you can virtually anywhere you want to go.


Our brake systems are custom fitted to each wheel, with TRW calipers with Centric rotors and Raybesto brake pads. This robust brake system will stop your Merecedes Sprinter, motor home or van when you need ti stop.

The tires your conversion rides on are very important to you.  They have to handle the rough terrain you explore on and ride smooth and quiet on the road to get you there.  Our conversions all come with the BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tires.
These tires are known for the durability, toughness and traction. Using CoreGard™ technology these tires are the standard for sidewall splitting protection.  These great tires need to ride on great wheels.  We chose Alcoa forged Aluminum wheels for their great looks and lightweight performance. To give your tires and wheels that great look, we add Motorsports Tech Spacers and Adaptors. 

Sure we choose great parts from great companies to build our 4x4 conversions but we couldn't do it without the help

Warn 9,000lb heavyweight winches are included in both the front and back bumpers. Each winch is equipped with synthetic cable for a lighter easier to use recovery cable.

With all these quality parts we choose the service providers.  We are proud of our great working relationship we have with the following companies:

Drive Line Services of Redding
Tedon Specialties Machine shop
DW Powder Coating
Hartnell Transmission



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